Monday, 7 March 2011

Natural Beauty and Artificial Beauty

This is the age of inventions, besides scientific and Technological inventions there are many others as well in different fields.
some are for the ease of Man and some others to make the Human Beings look good. Cosmetics are to make Human look good or to make the appearance of Human beings specially Women look good and charming.but it is Artificial
But ..... though these Cosmetics make some one look nice for the time being, but the Real Beauty is the Natural Beauty
Artificial Beauty needs Projection but the Real Beauty attracts itself..

What do you Prefer ...... Real or Artificial ?? and Why?


  1. natural or real beauty is beaurty that gifted by God , and artifical beauty is made by human , the difference in both as same as the difference in allah creation and man creation , which one can be perfect or better , off course the GOD creation is better than the human creation .

  2. Very Beautiful and Logical Answer you have posted
    definitely God's creation is best and every one will prefer His creation .

  3. actually due to the rapid change in world fashion and trends artificial look are also have a charm as well as natural beauty :P