Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Which fashion? Fully covered or half necked?

Every culture and society has its own trends of every aspect of life. The moral values and the religious also have a direct effect on the life style and fashions of a society. As we can see in the world, some people design new dresses all covered and the others are reducing the dress to the extent that one meter of cloth is enough for whole family.
No doubt everyone has its own logic and arguments `about the style he/she adopts but one should think with the view of modesty as well.
In my view point whatever style we like and adopt, we should keep in view the moral, ethical and religious values. Because any life style either in dressing and fashion or in any other aspect of life, we adopt its different dimensions affect us in one way or other.
The dressing should not be provoking, and should not be an invitation card to a show piece. But it should be covering and saving from warm and cold, either it is because of weather or it is human breath.
What is your point of view? Must share.. 

Monday, 7 March 2011

Natural Beauty and Artificial Beauty

This is the age of inventions, besides scientific and Technological inventions there are many others as well in different fields.
some are for the ease of Man and some others to make the Human Beings look good. Cosmetics are to make Human look good or to make the appearance of Human beings specially Women look good and charming.but it is Artificial
But ..... though these Cosmetics make some one look nice for the time being, but the Real Beauty is the Natural Beauty
Artificial Beauty needs Projection but the Real Beauty attracts itself..

What do you Prefer ...... Real or Artificial ?? and Why?

Friday, 4 March 2011

What Beauty Is ?

We often hear that "beauty is lies in the eyes of beholder". Yes it is true, there are many cases about them we can say that this proverb is 100% true, but we can not say that it is an absolute rule of nature.
There are some general scenes of Beauty which are admired all over the world equally. Where all eyes become same about beauty, the best Example for this is Beauty contest. A Miss World is beautiful for the majority of People equally.

Beauty is also divided in to two kinds, Inner and Outer... A Famous quote says
“Your external beauty is God's gift to you; your internal beauty is your gift to God.”
After reading this, what is Beauty according to your opinion?
What Beauty Is?

your Comments are welcomed

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Beauty in Style

Beauty and Life Style .... What is Style?

Hi every one.
It is first day of this Blog, so each year on this day this blog will celebrate its Birthday on this day, i.e 3rd March.
This blog will be a meeting point for those who love to live with Style. As we all know it is Quite Natural that every one loves to look handsome, smart and stylish. but we should keep in mind that the definition of STYLE may be different between two persons. 

So let us try to Find out the most Popular Definition of Style and Beauty .
What Do You Think What Style is?