Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Which fashion? Fully covered or half necked?

Every culture and society has its own trends of every aspect of life. The moral values and the religious also have a direct effect on the life style and fashions of a society. As we can see in the world, some people design new dresses all covered and the others are reducing the dress to the extent that one meter of cloth is enough for whole family.
No doubt everyone has its own logic and arguments `about the style he/she adopts but one should think with the view of modesty as well.
In my view point whatever style we like and adopt, we should keep in view the moral, ethical and religious values. Because any life style either in dressing and fashion or in any other aspect of life, we adopt its different dimensions affect us in one way or other.
The dressing should not be provoking, and should not be an invitation card to a show piece. But it should be covering and saving from warm and cold, either it is because of weather or it is human breath.
What is your point of view? Must share..